Whiskey Pickle 30

Whiskey Pickle 30 – Llama A, Johnny Blackouts, P-Rez, Jake Childs, Daniel Allen

Whiskey Pickle 30 Whiskey Pickle Records has positioned itself as a stronghold for weirdo, psychedelic, deep and beat down sounds coming straight from the heart of Texas. Over the course of seven years, the indie label has built a stable of artists that both showcase the Lone Star State and encompasses a-list and global acts alike. Having hosted the likes of Gavin & Robbie Hardkiss, Sleazy McQueen, Walter Jones, The Funk District, B.G. Baarregaard, James Curd, Steve Cobby, Q-Burns Abstract Message, as well as label heads Johnny Blackouts and RiCHARD.GEAR.

Here, Whiskey Pickle presents it’s 30th release with a celebratory, various artists compilation that features label stalwarts P-Rez, Jake Childs, and Schugar(donning his Llama A moniker) plus fresh faces Without Wax, David Ricardo, Ben Davidson, and Jorgito. Rounding out the release are appearances from Leeds very own Al Bradley (as Audiotonic), Texan goth trio The Fallen, and a righteous collaboration from Used Manatee Salesman and Daniel Allen. In typical, Whiskey Pickle fashion, all rules are thrown out the door with this genre-busting compilation that refuses to be pigeon-holed. Expect plenty of heavy rhythms and cosmic grooves as they offer their “XXX” rated, 30th release.