So Tough Rhythm Trax - Llama A

Llama A & Josh Mace – So Tough Rhythm Trax Vol 1 (Sequel Sound)

So Tough Rhythm Trax 2 - Llama ASo Tough Rhythm Trax is the latest DJ Tools project by Sequel Sound Recordings. The first Volume features Llama A (DOS/TheInfusionProject) and Josh Mace (Sequel Sound Co-Owner).

With both artists hailing from two very different parts of the United States it’s no wonder we hear a contrasting sound on this record.

Josh Mace provides two brand new tracks focused on the floor with one being a bit more melancholic. ‘Tilt’ is built for tight clubs as well as an open air environment with pumping low end and spaced out synth stabs. ‘Ally Allie’ mixes scattered 707 percussion, plucked synth hits mixed in an accessible manner and arranged in a classical way.

Llama A offers two tracks geared towards the mixing desk left wide open for creative use by DJs. Built simply and with sturdy foundations, DJs will find solid sound design and accessible arrangements perfect for teasing in & out of and in-between their mixing.