Schugar Planet Food EP

Schugar – Planet Food EP (Whiskey Pickle)

Schugar Planet Food EPFAST FORWARD: A distant year and the Planet Earth is dangerously
overpopulated, land is scarce, food, scarcer. An elite team of horticulturalists have
been deployed to the former planets of Vesta, Juno, Ceres and Pallas to
supplement our earthly needs for sustenance. Every good mission needs a
soundtrack and one man has been selected to orchestrate that soundtrack, that
man, is Schugar. A foodie of the highest order, Schugar has been charged with the
task of connecting tones with movement, vibrations with fruition, sonic themes of
celebration to honor man’s last hope for global survival.
‘Planet Food’ is a collection of reverent rituals that pay tribute to the successful
harvest’s of these extraterrestrial cornucopias. The “Vesta Banana Boogie” is a
funky, hypnotic rain dance that flows down in showers of sweet fruits and nuts. The
“Juno Mushroom Jam” gets deep with the rejuvenating fungi, personified in the
ripping bass lead that tears through old, decaying matter to make room for fresh
life. The “Ceres Zucchini Get Down” takes us deeper still into the root systems of life
sustaining vegetation while the “Pallas Pepper Hustle” is sparse and spicy.
It is now time to board your space craft. Sit back, relax, engage the intergalactic
sleep regulator and prepare for warp speed as Schugar serenades us with the
tribal rhythms of man’s greatest mission, the voyage to ‘Planet Food.’