Llama A

Over the last 25 years, Llama A has produced music and DJ’d under a variety of monikers. In the early 90s, he was fascinated by the sparse and harsh sounds of minimal and abstract synthesizer music. As his love for dancing grew this attraction lead him to the early sounds of Industrial, Techno, Raga Jungle, Dub Reggae, Minimal & Microhouse. Mashing all these styles together with minimal and abstract sounds with sometimes 4 or 5 turntables, cassette tape players, vhs video cut ups and at times an array of synthesizers and drum machines creating an interesting horror of sound. Through the 90s Llama A travelled with his experimental noise band and explored many sounds as a DJ and electronic musician.

Releases on Degrees Ov Separation:

Sudonim & Llama A - Let Me Get Back EP (DOSX09)

Future Organic Vol 2 (DOSX08)

Future Organic Vol 1 (DOSX07)

Minimanos EP (DOSX05)

Time EP (DOSX04)

Cosmic Trails EP (DOSX03)

Robot Disco EP (DOSX02)


Llama A’s sound combines all of these influences into a dark rhythmic vibe. Llama A has releases on Degrees Ov Separation, Sequel Sound, Denied Music, Underdub Records, Whiskey Pickle, Bugcoder Records, I Tech Connect Records,  including remixes for Class-A Deviants.