Class-A Deviants

Class-A Deviants was formed in 2007. While the overall soundscape of the pair is dark techno, they create their own atmospheres by incorporating the lost art of storytelling, whether it’s in their mixes or productions. The two Deviants believe that the foundation of a driving beat is essential, yet they never hesitate to stray from conventionality. Their main inspiration is the family they have found on so many dance floors worldwide – the greater community of music seekers who lose themselves during the morning hours in revelry and the primordial love of the drum. The Deviants have releases on Underdub, BugCoder, Sequel Sound, Denied Music, Minimal Sessions, Optimal Sonance, and Listen_React.

Degrees Ov Separation Releases:

Each One Teach One EP (DOSX18) - Coming Fall 2023

La Que Llora (DOSX17)

La Linea EP (DOSX15)

Unrest EP (DOSX14)

 Oh OK EP (DOSX12)

No Method on Future Organic V2 (DOSX08)

Beyond EP (DOSX06)

Notable gigs included the Desert Hearts Spring festival, Monarch in San Francisco, and the Wherehouse in Tijuana. They also opened the Kalliope Art Car at EDC Las Vegas 2017 as part of the Desert Hearts takeover and completed a mini-tour of Texas with labelmate Llama A.

Although their time in San Diego came to an end in late 2017,(Mkz to Chicago and Sudonim to L.A.) they spent most of it doing what they could to support the scene that they came up in. Nearly every EP in their repertoire up to this point has had at least one local producer providing an amazing remix. A rising tide lifts all ships – they look forward to carrying this attitude of collaboration and exploration into their latest works.

Releases on:
Concepto Hipnotico, Optimal Sonance, Minimal Sessions, Denied, BugCoder, Listen_React, Vinylisme, Degrees Ov Separation, Hybris, Sequel Sound, Underdub Records, Piso, Klinik:Room.