Class-A Deviants - Unrest EP (DOSX14)

Class-A Deviants - Unrest EP (DOSX14)

Composed during the height of quarantine/pandemic, the moody atmospherics and lost melodies of Class-A Deviants - Unrest EP reflect and encapsulate the experience of those challenging times.

Unrest is a sonic journey through ancient caverns, the build descending into distortion before taking off into the darkness and depth of night.

Better To Have It And Not Need It features a swelling, bubbly, organic, rolling bassline, complemented by extra crispy hats, percussion, and snares. The beauty is in its simplicity; call and response harmonics meander through the length of the tune, culminating in a mini breakdown perfect for long, subtle mixing.

Color Therapy is the mint finale for this trio of gems. Perfect for sending the dance floor into a frenzy, a monster bassline carries the momentum into the breakdown, where an otherworldly synth line waits. Morphing into a mesmerizing, hypnotic melody, the automation crosses the spectrum of mind melting variety and dishes out a serious dose of face melting funk.


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