Class-A Deviants - Beyond EP (DOSX06)

Class-A Deviants - Beyond EP (DOSX06)

Class-A Deviants (Sudonim & Mkz) have a driving and minimal sound of their own that they’ve been perfecting for the past several years. As a duo, they have over 10 EP releases on varying underground techno labels across the planet.

Degrees Ov Separation is pleased to have this 2 tracker of stellar minimal dance floor vibes as our sixth release!

Beyond is a dreamy, driving techno number. Makes us think of fairies swirling in space with happy hi hats and tambourines. It’s 4 AM and this is exactly where you want to be!

An Alien conversation that’s not all that foreign. She’s giving him the cold shoulder, but he just doesn’t get it. She’s into Ellenel.

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